Through the days of the ____

As we go through school and begin to learn about the laws of the land, scientifically speaking, we learn of a very basic concept. Though we could have realized this on our own, we learn that, for example, what goes up must come down. Or for a positive, somewhere lies a negative, and so forth. This idea however, is supposed to just pertain to science. Yet somehow, this concept finds its way into our lives. 

We have all had one of those nights, that we experience, and later cannot believe that something that great could even happen. A night where life seems to slow down, and your worries fade. A night filled with nothing but smiles, laughter, love, and a true appreciation for simply being alive. These nights come around every once and a while, and it seems as if you can’t create these nights, instead they just happen. Almost like there should be some scientific theory to back and explain its occurrence. An experience of this sort, leaves you thinking about it constantly, reminiscing, wondering why life can’t always seem that awesome.  These moments leave you wanting more, they embark your mind on a journey to discover how to receive all that this life can give. And through the days of the pain, we remind ourselves of those moments in which you were truly alive. 

You begin to wake up, finding yourself smiling for no reason. You walk as if life is playing your favorite song, stepping a little bit smoother, and moving just a little bit faster. Though there are holes in your life, nothing could bring you down, not right now– I am too alive. This can continue for an unprecedented amount of time, and we’ve all been there, and you don’t ever want to leave. But even when you feel so good, and there truly is nothing wrong in your life, it can be really difficult to consistently maintain such an upbeat, “good vibes”, type notion. Eventually the feelings that were once so high, just fade, and you end up well…neutral. But nothing even changed in your life to make these feelings fade, they just do. Through the days of the joy, when you are truly alive for not just a moment, but for a period of time, life seems to just happen.

Everywhere we look, there is something present to try and bring you down. The news is filled with death, your job is filled with people dying to just leave, your classes filled with kids just trying to pass. These negatives are seemingly impossible to escape, and in reality, they are impossible to escape. Negative people are simply apart of the laws of the lands– good was not created without evil. You all know this though. We see it every day.

So what exactly is my point?

Life truly is filled with ups and downs.Both are unpredictable, and both are inevitable.

And that is why this life is so beautiful. Without experiencing all corners of the spectrum, it is impossible to gain a true perspective on what it means to live.  Each and every one of us feels pain; we’ve all cried, we’ve all loved, we’ve all stood in line for the never ending roller-coaster that is this life. Yes you have to stand in line, which isn’t always the best. Sometimes the line is short, sometimes the line is hours long, but getting on the ride is always worth it. Even though the ride has to end at some point, we walk from the exit, back to the entrance and we stand in line again. Because nothing can compare to the feeling of being at the top. Nothing can compare to the feeling of sitting at the top of roller-coaster, hands in the air, overlooking the rest of world as if it’s only you and the person in the seat next to you. Shit, maybe there’s 4 people next to you, maybe you’re alone. This roller-coaster has no limitations, no boundaries.

In this life, you have choices. You can chose to let things define you. You can characterize yourself as, a doctor, or maybe you say, “Yeah, I’m a business owner.” That’s totally fine.

In this life, you get to define yourself. Of course you can’t control how others decide to look at you, but they can’t define you. A diploma can’t define you. A number in a bank account can’t define you. Society can’t fucking define you. How are any of these things connected.. to you?

Your soul — your mind — your heart — your smile — your actions — these are connected to you. These are the most flexible materials on this planet, and everyday — every second you have the power to chose how these aspects within you grow– because this is who you are.

You have no release date, there is no allotted time in which you need to be completed. You are a work of art that is ever changing, represented through each interaction, each memory, each moment within your life. And every step along the way, is one step closer to whatever the hell it is you want from this life.

We all desire different things, we all have a different image for when it’s time to “run off into the sunset”. No image is right or wrong, all that matters is that this image comes from within, and this image is a representation of what it means for you to be alive. 

Do not run from the things that make you a human, instead — embrace them. Let the anger flow when it calls. Love when its in the air. Discover when intrigued. Run somewhere – don’t run away.

We all have a purpose, and it’s up to you to decide how valuable this purpose is. Because when it’s all said and done, only one person will define whether your purpose was achieved, or whether it was failed —  and that judge is you.


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