Just a little something I wrote during my time on my cruise.

Life is a lot like the ocean. The ocean can be seen from many different angles. You can look down upon the ocean — this huge body of water that could cover the entirety of  Earth’s surface. The ocean is powerful, capable of destroying anything — it’s power represented in many different ways. You could be topsided by a massive tidal wave and destruction is almost instant. Then there is the consistent beat down of flowing water that is capable of withering away any surface over time. You can also simply fall into the ocean, or be carried away by it’s relentless current. There are endless ways that the sea can bring a human – or a city – or any structure down. However, the ocean is also responsible for the majority of sustainability on this planet. The water brings food, hydration, pleasure, beauty. The water provides a home, art, music, love. The ocean represents this life in it’s entirety because like the ocean, life can seem huge and scary and powerful — because it is. But life is also art and joy and love and beauty. Without it’s counterpart, it is impossible to truly appreciate what this life can provide.

Life can hit you with tragedy, life can throw you curve-balls, and life can just consistently seem to fuck you. But without this aspect , without the aspect of uncertainty and fear — you would never truly be able to understand what it means to be alive.

The ocean to me, as I sit here atop a fucking floating hotel in the middle of what seems like nothing — is scary. Because I cannot see but 50 feet in-front of me before an endless dark abyss begins. But when the sun rises and the light shines upon the sparkling blue water, the ocean will seem beautiful. Life will never be constant, and that’s what makes each and every encounter – story – human – unique. But because of this inconsistency, fear is created. We fear that this uncertainty will always fall the wrong way.  Something goes wrong and we say to ourselves ,”What’s new?” As if our lives are nothing but a tragedy in it’s entirety. And this consistent feeling of being screwed over creates fear of progressing further. We fear that if I do this, life will once again fall the wrong way. But what people don’t understand is – “The best things in life are on the opposite side of maximum fear.” – Will Smith

Nothing speculator will happen in this life if you sit behind the glass that is comfort, and let fear separate you, stop you from breaking over to the other side and reaching for what you desire. You can’t let the fear of failure prevent you from achieving success. You can’t let the fear of heartbreak stop you from loving. You can’t let fear control your life, instead let fear drive it. Fear is self derived, therefore it can be solely conquered.

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