Stop talking.

For as long as I can remember, the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words”, has resonated inside of me. Its such a simple saying, and very easy to understand. Apply this phrase to any sense of feeling in your life, and it will apply.

We all know the 5 human senses, taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing.

These 5 senses are the driving force of emotion. Your senses are what raise the goosebumps on your arms, flip your stomach, and awaken your human spirit. You may ask,”Well aren’t my emotions heavily controlled by thought? When I think of someone I miss, and it makes me sad, wouldn’t thought be the driving force?” My personal answer to that question would be that your thoughts are derived from memories of how that person sparked your senses. You miss the sight of them, their touch, and the sound of their voice.

You don’t however, look back and reminisce of the words they texted you. Well you might, but if you do, you are probably part of the issue I commonly see.

The digital world has fucked all of us. It has created an easy way out. It has allowed us to bypass the fear of expressing ourselves to one another. Texting has removed the incredibly difficult, and rewarding action of expressing your feelings. We are keyboard warriors, creating this image of who we want to be, and what we want to say, without ever having to confront the fear that lies behind this person.

Our phones have given a voice to the mute, a personality to the bland, and spirit to the empty-hearted. This seems like a good thing right? Of course it seems like a great thing, but this voice, this personality, this spirit – it only exists in a world that does not actually exist. Therefore, it doesn’t exist at all.

People spend so much time in this digital world, interacting with people who are portraying their digital selves, that this digital person convinces others that their digital self is what actually exists in the real world. And this trickery is sick.

By taking part in this performance, you are guaranteeing disappointment somewhere in your life. By portraying yourself as someone greater than you actually are, you are doing yourself and others no good. Because at some point, the digital world will not be enough for the true spirit inside of you that is fighting for something real. This desire will eventually lead you to, for example, finally meet up with that girl you’ve been talking to online for months. Man is she beautiful. She’s so funny, and outgoing, and she’s everything you could ever want right? And wait till she meets you. You are just the coolest guy, so witty and clever. Any time she throws you an alley-oop, you slam dunk that shit.

But none of this is true. Neither of you have ever grown the fucking balls to be the fake person you show the world. You finally interact in the real world, and it is nothing even close to how you imagined it. You talked of endless of joy, and pure romance, and a sexual undoing that would blow both of your minds. But it was all just talk.

Now, its not that these personalities, or these desires, or these feelings do not exist at all. Rather, no one works to surface them. And they never need to be surfaced, because you are already in the process of expressing them through your phone. So it feels real, because your phone is real. Social media is a real thing. But it does not exist at the same level that real human interaction does. It cannot spark your senses like real human interaction does. And you know it, everyone knows it. But that’s difference between the majority and the small few.

The majority will talk of their emotions. They will tell you how they feel over text. They will pour their heart out to you. They will beg for you to blow up their phones. They will eat up all the shit that they see on social media. They will crave someone else’s relationship. They will chase #relationshipgoals. They will say how much they want to see you, over and over and over again, but it will always seem difficult to make it happen.  They will tell you everything that is on their mind, but in reality, you will get nothing.

Because they do not know themselves in reality, and therefore, how could you?

Why are you saying one thing so passionately, and then acting in a way that goes against what you’ve expressed?

Do not tell me, show me. 

Actions will always scream a million decibels louder than words, so stop fucking talking.

You can express every cornerstone of your soul through just one look. Through your smile, your laugh. Why are you narrating a novel that is already being spoken?

Why are you creating someone that you are not. In a world that does not exist. With people that do not matter.

Stop convincing others that you are happy, and convince yourself. Quit editing your photos until you like the way you look, and learn to love yourself for who you are. Stop telling the world how you feel, and understand what you are feeling. No one actually gives a shit about your problems, so fix them yourself. This life is relentless, you cannot slide your darkness under the table and ever expect the light to reach it. You are the only owner of your life, so stop selling shares to the public.

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