Remember as a child, when you would sit down with a box of crayons and a blank piece of paper, and your mind would run rampant with all sorts of random and beautiful  things to attempt to paint onto that paper. You would’t sit there and ask yourself if you should do this, or if you can do this, or what people would think of you if you did draw something. You just did it. You took your crazy and spontaneous desire to create a piece of art, and you tried — and when you were done — you picked it up and you showed it to all your friends and your teacher and you were proud as hell. You’d take that picture, regardless of what anyone else thought and you’d run home and you’d look at your mother and hand her that paper and without hesitation, up on the refrigerator it would go for the whole house and all those to be welcomed inside to see.

How often do you take action, and appeal to your artistic side? We all have a vision inside our minds, we are children of the renaissance, and we live in a world in which expressing your thoughts is supported in ways that have never existed before. So few people release the artistic child that is begging to create a rift on the guitar, or paint on your makeshift canvas, or build a wood castle with your Lincoln Logs ( look that shit up and tell me it isn’t a trip).

Art has forever been a symbol of change in history — from rock n roll, to the publishing of controversial books, and into the skies with 80 story sky scrapers. Since the beginning of time, humans have created. People have looked death in the face, been exiled to far away places, and shed blood simply for the opportunity to express themselves. We eat up the creations of others through the internet, and subconsciously we wish we were the creators of this piece that leaves you speechless; this work of art that you know is not beyond you.

When you find yourself with that awkward itch within your soul to do something, instead of picking up your phone, pick up a pencil. Create a wordpress. Write a poem. Synthesize a melody. Talk with yourself — find that part of you that has all but drowned in the timeline of progression. Your art can impact others in a real, significant way, but caging your imagination inside of you is like sentencing your humanity to life in a dark, cold room — where your words fade into the abyss of your mind, and your creations shatter into the cracks along the sidewalk.

We all have something special to say, something unique to create.

The results of our imaginations are threaded through the lenses in which no one before you has worn. 

Be yourself.

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