Liberation — Freedom — Release —

Why are some of us so drawn to the idea of escaping it all? What are we escaping from? Is it the millennials that idolize the ignorant? Or the keyboard warriors that build themselves by tearing down others? Or maybe it’s the hard-stuck baby-boomers that refuse to adapt? Or the school systems that tend to the rich and gifted and base the worth of individuals upon their knowledge of inapplicable subjects? How about the guys that abuse women due to their own personal neglect? Or the girls that cry for a “nice” guy, and run at the first sight of respect. Do I need to get into the parents that feed their children candy for snacks, and cake for dinner? What happened to setting a good example? What happened to romance? Where are the people who have nothing to hide? Where are the adults that actually give a shit about the ones to precede them? What happens when this beautiful Earth has been overrun, over used, and over taken by the greedy “elite” that depend on its very existence?

I have no answer, I cannot provide a solution,  and I will not try to fix the problem.

In this life you can only know one thing for sure, and that is what resides in the boundaries of your existence. Everything else is above you, besides you, or beneath you. Some aspects outside of your knowing will become clear, or at least we hope that this is true.

We get on our hands and knees and look to the sky, to the clouds, to the stars and hope that there is someone, somewhere doing the same. Someone out there that is dreaming of a person in which only their soul can match, and your ideas can collide.

Along your way, you will encounter people that make you feel as if you’ve been brought together for a reason. Friends will become family. Moments will become lifetimes. Dreams will become reality. There is nothing more powerful in this world than relationships. Through real, genuine conversation and encounters you learn about yourself. We will never truly see ourselves through our own eyes, but we bond with those who are capable of witnessing everything that we are. With relationships, we are at the top of our ladders. When we find our people, the people you have no need to put a wall up for, the people you have no filter with, the people you share your thoughts, your dreams, your inspirations, and your fears with. These people will learn about you, you will learn about them, and through intertwining your thoughts and opinions  you will discover who, as an individual, you truly are.

Friendship is everything. Friendship will pick your ass up when you have nothing left. Friendship will fill your lonely nights, and give meaning to the cloudy days. Friendship will point you in the right direction, and it will guide you past your flaws, and lead you to your strengths. Friendship is a mutual respect, a bond of trust, and a devotion to a similar goal. This goal may vary, but between me and my friends — we have a similar goal. And many times we have discussed leaving all this shit behind, and starting over again — a blank slate, with nothing but our names on it.

But this is not realistic. Friendship is fulfilling, but it is simply not enough to last most of us a lifetime. When you picture running into the sunset, when you imagine an empty beach with two pairs of footsteps, or sitting under the tree along the broken path — you imagine this with your other half.

Growing up I believed in love at first sight, because this is how love seems to be portrayed in the movies and in famous love stories. During my teen years, this belief disintegrated. When you are in high school, you begin to learn what it means for a human to have depth. You sort out the beautiful and the believable, you mistake fronts for facts, and you experience heartbreak. You discover what it means to deliver a piece of yourself– your inner self– to another human, and you realize that you need to proceed with caution in partaking in this act.

You have a class with the “hottest girl in school”, and you are turned off by her lack of awareness, her stature which she thinks places her above the idea of succeeding in school, and plainly —  her absence of humanity.

Love at first sight is unrealistic, but I believe the phrase is often taken too literally. On multiple occasions in this life, I have encountered someone that instantly sparked every neuron in my entire body, as if the initial introduction of our souls actually occurred at a previous time, or in a different life. This feeling resembles a high; the words that spill out of your mouth require no thought. Your past holds no barring on what is happening in this moment, and when the moment has ended, you walk away stunned. You walk away and you ask yourself, “What the fuck just happened?” You don’t know. You don’t want to know. But you walk away with your head up, smiling, and with a little more faith in the world.

Some may chose to respond to one of these rare and natural occurrences with hesitation, especially if your past forces you to believe that this new person is simply another cold-heart in disguise. Some will not respond at all, and they will carry on with their lives as if the moment never occurred, and they will only look back with regret, and wonder why they have struggled to feel anything since. And a small few, will not think. This rare type of person will only react, and the newly formed friendship will thrive.

Your everlasting partner-to-be in this life, is just that. They are the second controller on your adventure, and this game is built to be easier, more exciting, action packed, and unpredictable with this person by your side. There are obstacles in this game that require you to be lifted upon your partners shoulders. There are winds too strong for one pair of legs to restrain. And through sickness and through health, you and your partner will achieve whatever it is the two of you desire when your game is completed.

The most difficult part of this journey — is timing. As the two of you ( though unaware of your future endeavors ) gather the materials necessary for your adventure, countless obstacles along the way will consistently kick you down, take everything you’ve worked for and destroy it. Your materials include confidence, compassion, courage, and faith among other characteristics you must carry in your fragile arms. You will struggle to hold on to these pieces, just as others will struggle as well, but eventually you will cross paths with another resilient player, prepared to venture into the unknown, with a set of priceless materials sinking into their tiring arms.

You must learn to not only pick yourself up off the ground, but leave the pieces of you behind that bare a massive burden on your soul. Carrying broken shards of trust issues, and boulders of insecurities built by those you’ve encountered previously, who dragged you onto their train of self-pity. Instead of picking these pieces up, notice the shine in their diamond-encrusted edges, and let them sink into the Earth, as those memories are no longer of any value to you.

Fill your arms with the tools needed to help you and your future partner succeed in your journey. Embrace those who help you along the way. And once you are both plugged in to the same game — Run. Run Far. Run Fast. Run away. 


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