There is an abundance of pieces to everyday life that enable us to hop on our dark waves, and ride into the abyss of clouded thoughts, and broken grins.

Yet there are equally as many opportunities to celebrate another day, another moment on this Earth.

And just as you lose yourself in sadness, with no apparent cause; you may find yourself lost in the giddiness of being alive, on the same premise.

Perspective is the looking glass in which your reality shines through. You can chose to wipe off the dust and be thankful for the clarity of what you see, or you can allow your spectacle to fog.

Perspective is Key. 


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  1. aquapages // eline says:

    Hi! I’ve read a couple of your posts, came here from reddit, and I want to say you write well! I don’t agree with everything you’re saying, but I can get where you’re coming from mostly.

    I’ve been pondering a question for a while (I’ve got crohns) and wonder if you have some thoughts on it as someone who writes like they focus on positivity. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness as IBD, do you consider it a part of you and your life (including considering it when planning for the future) or are you clear about not letting it “define” you as a person?

    Don’t need to answer the question if it’s too much!


    1. jweinsite says:

      Hi thank you for checking out my work, I’m a very spiritual person and I am passionate about my views. Agreement isn’t expected, but consideration and an open mind is something I appreciate. I have UC, and no I don’t let it define me. I don’t openly express my disease, only to those that are closest in my life because people will look at you differently, often times look down upon you or they may expect that you are asking for grief or sympathy. Instead I use it to empower myself internally. The struggles I face on my own, I’ve been able to move past the mental battles and truly become a better and stronger person. UC slows me down, but when I am in remission or even just having a good day, I feel simply at bliss to be able to walk the earth with no restraints. 🙂

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      1. aquapages // eline says:

        I appreciate it! I agree that it is easier to see value in the small things when having UC/crohns. Those around me now know that I’m sick (if not the details), because there weren’t a way of hiding being admitted to hospital in the school semester without lying, which I won’t do. I’m moving next year for university, and I think I’ll keep it to myself at first, until I get to know people closely, just because I have the chance. There’s a difference between having the choice of what you share and feeling like illness is something you have to spend energy on actively hiding, which I’ve realized lately.


      2. jweinsite says:

        I feel like its mainly reasonable to bring up your condition if its affecting the person you know? Like if you’re dating someone, obviously you’ll want them to know. But if its just a friend you hang with in class what good does it do for you? Its a sensitive thing right? You’ll figure it out friend 🙂

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