question mark

Is it not Ironic?

We as humans

to connect with humans

have created escapes

to avoid humans.

Our Minds zoomin’

the days are steady movin’

and each day we become

less human.

Is it not Ironic?

we have sidekicks

who kick our selves aside,

enable us to create new lives

and then disable us,

like removing the queen from her hive.

Is it not Ironic?

not like gin and tonic

but like those who cry

and then flaunt it.


I finally bought it,

the newest product.

Tell me how much you really want it.

Is it not Ironic?

My ways of publication

illegal to my views like public fornication

but this is the only way,

like Americans and their nation.

Reincarnation is dead

is that not sincerely Irony?

But you must be so dearly fond of me

you poked



and now you’re gone to me.

This is a catastrophe.

Our creators must laugh at We.

This is not the path for Me.

Is it not Ironic?


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