We believe that an individual’s attributes are definable, clearly represented through their actions and within the words they speak.

Kindness, we see and feel by the gesture of another. Cleverness is experienced as a result of an action outside of normal tendencies, often leaving a slight tilt of the lips, a smirk. Honesty is earned, and maintained. Anger burns, and generally runs rampant in one’s soul, never to truly be extinguished. Sadness is keen. Sadness roots deep. Courage, a rarity in this child-proofed world. Are you an extrovert or are you an introvert? The most confining of social prisons.

The definitions that we place upon ourselves, that society all but reluctantly reassures, are a hinderance upon our true selves. To attempt to minimize the massively complex and ever-changing representations of an individual into one word, a single group, or a static attribute, this is social entrapment, a societal infringement. How is one to define the consistent anomalies that appear in front of your eyes, that you’ve chosen to let go unnoticed? The awakening of truth; the breaking of chains. The dark haired, poor visioned, quirky, nerdy, ill-fashioned, under- developed girl in your science class that has been all but written off on the social chain, only to shatter all expectations with a single sip of nature’s brew. Or to the few individuals that pushed aside their judgements and decided to see for themselves. When the limelight shines upon her skin, and shear silence succumbs to the roar of her spirit. How are these definitions fair? Who are we to prosecute one’s truth without a trial? How can a verdict arise when the victim has been unwillingly stripped of their own identity? The society that bred these falsities into reality is the only entity that is deserving of a definition, for this construction of governance lost its true self long before the individuals they’ve flayed.

We pursue these attributes and wear them on our forehead as if this were natural selection. We open doors so that we can feel kind, but fuck off to the recipient of this gesture that does not return the gratitude that you expected. Is this kindness or the pursuit of?

What are definitions but expectations? Expectations allow us to feel comfortable, they allow us to feel in control. We label the world around us to organize our energy, our timidness, our respect, and our fears. This allows us to prepare for the future, for those whom steer opposite of their definitions are often the ones to surprise us, the foreshadowing of pain and of pleasure.

The destruction of expectation is the fuel for change. What are peasants who’ve overthrown their king? Are they still peasants in the midst? Nothing is more discerning than discovering someone’s true self, the potential of the human soul. Regardless of the nature of this newly risen spirit, your own governance will have been challenged, and your own worldview will be bruised.

Why, then, bother conjuring these ideas of those around you? Why, then, bother constructing these own ideas of yourself? How is one to find peace within themselves when they are at war on their own land? The battle with no victor. A triumph that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. Who are you to be when you do not need to be anyone? Is this not, then, personal truth? To live without inhibition. To roam with no label. Is this not, then, what it means to be free?

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