footsteps in the sand


You come and you go.

With the rhythm of the ocean,

& the waves as they flow.


One might say,

As they look out.

For what is to come?


Is this not fear & doubt?


The plague of truth.

Not within the world,

but instead within you.


The ego holds tight.


You keep yourself from sleeping,

“Which of these is right?”


Leaves fall with precision.

For what is dead is ( obviously ) not living

The falsest of blades,

The truest of incisions.

Footsteps In The Sand

Your shape so sound,

You will not withstand.


Water floods the skull.

Water takes its place.

Our inner child drowns,

These falsities we face.

Internal Destruction

Internal Discussion

Internal Submission

Eternal Eruption

Footsteps In The Sand

You grow with me.

From 5 to 50.

I see you as time widens,

I see you in the child within me.


To you I run.

A child of the sun.

There are no rules,

To this I succumb.


One may say,

inner peace.

For the beast has slept,

The beast is deceased.


From worry.


From I.

Friends with me.

Friend for life.

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