loud music

I like loud music.

I’ll turn it louder if i may?

I like loud music, melodies,

and i like classics when they play.

I like loud music,

A soundtrack for tonight.

Man, just let the music play.

Let it play all night.

I love loud music.

You can’t hear my name.

Music makes us dance;

music makes us sway.

Loud music.

We can’t hold a conversation.

We let music take us away.

I like loud music.

Everything else fades.

Don’t need to know the time,

Let the night last all day.

I like loud music,

and the energy it brings.

As turtles ditch their shells,

and the trees begin to sing.

I like loud music,

all sorts of music in fact.

As long as those notes

allow for time to pass.

Man do i love loud music.

I’ve never seen you like this.

Your smile under the light,

As I reel you in for a spin.

Loud music.

The means for an end.

No use for language,

your body I comprehend.

So step with me,

to this loud music.

Let your thoughts sit and watch.

Dance with me to this loud music.

Forever we are lost.

I love loud music.






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