Do you ever wonder why you are who you are? How you got where you are in life? Where you’re going now? And where you’ve been?

Our lives are a living timeline, one that is unique in its own way, this in of itself is a beautiful aspect of nature. For each choice we make, every word we speak, and the different people we encounter, our world changes. Often, we tend to associate only the downfalls in our life experience with specific people, represented through heart-break, personal triage, and the breaking of trust. Overlooked within our association with the people in our lives, is the simplistic beauty in each soul we may consider, a friend.

Sitting upon the side of the road, in a place that would resolve as “unfulfilling” for most, I recalled my days in which I was perked upon a bridge, overlooking a flowing river, in Pisa, Italy. This in of itself is a scene in which fortune appears to be the only precedent that could explain how one may find themselves in such an amazing place. Beyond just the physical location of the breathtaking country of Italy, but looking further, the opportunity to travel the world as a 21-year-old child, celebrating the 22nd year of his life upon this Earth, how fortunate he must be.

Fortune though is an interesting aspect that appears in one’s life. In fact, if you’re reading this, fortune has already come knocking at your door. What did you do to deserve the free world? A world powered by technology, and fueled by endless supplies of necessities? For most, the answer is nothing. Simply, we awaken from our unconscious slumber and realize that we just happened to be born into a life of health.  Many aren’t as fortunate, at least not in the same fashion in which I speak.

It is important though, not to bank on one’s good fortune, for fortune is sure to run out. But what is to be said about receiving fortune that gives you comradery? That places you in a setting with good people? People that feed you the intellection required to mature? People that have, for some reason, found themselves invested in you, and you in them. People that you truly may consider, friends.

To have just one friend, a true friend, is a doing of fortune. To share one’s ideas, banter at one’s faults, and laugh together in this confusion we call life. Above all though, to instill one’s trust in one another.

““If you consider any man a friend whom you do not trust as you trust yourself, you are mightily mistaken and you do not sufficiently understand what true friendship means… When friendship is settled, you must trust; before friendship is formed, you must pass judgment…Ponder for a long time whether you shall admit a given person to your friendship; but when you have decided to admit him, welcome him with all your heart and soul. Speak as boldly with him as with yourself… Regard him as loyal and you will make him loyal.” — Seneca

A friendship with an agenda of utility is not a friendship, but a contract. Upon expiration of one’s needs, the contract shall expire. To expect, to desire anything of a friend, other than friendship, is an undoing that plagues society’s networks. A web of lonely hearts that shall never trust themselves, and thus will never trust another. The sole tragedy in one’s life.

A true friend is one in which, when in their presence, you are alone. Your thoughts may flow as they arise, and subdue as they fall, outspoken perhaps, but unrestricted. The feeling of being free, rather, the rare moment in which judgment holds no jurisdiction. A life in which you cannot live as yourself amongst another is a life that will surely result in internal corruption.  How fortunate I am to live as I please, with those in which I trust wholeheartedly.

The person I am today would not exist without the people who fortune placed in front of me, and when my fortune expires ( which it surely will ), my friends will not. Fortune may bring one riches, fortune may bring one lust, fortune may chisel your jaw or sharpen your wits, but fortune cannot create trust.  For only in the true understanding of honest friendship, may trust arise. To be free in the company of those you trust, is to be free within yourself.

Whether I find myself in Italy, or the streets of downtown Phoenix, it will always be better with a friend.

It’s not about where you are, it’s about who you’re with.

Fortune has given me all I could ever need.


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