Alicante, Spain

In even beginning a passage of this internal magnitude, the difficulty of expressing the truth behind this city overcomes my hand and my heart. Throughout this life, we will experience moments of personal truth, the riddance of social conditioning, the eruption of the internal self, inexplicable energy. The consumption of our surroundings, and an intoxication to follow. How the community breeds the air you swallow; every breath is so kind to the lungs. To walk amongst strangers, and to not feel strange. To be different and feel no indifference. To live under only one premise. To return to your inner child, lost amongst the galaxy that shines upon the truest of waters. A boy lifted by nature’s palm, floating upon her motion and warm summer waves. The remembrance of, not who you once were, but instead the long-awaited recognition of the soft voice within your mind. The voice that used to inspire you to explore what is, not what could be. The voice that could comprehend the world around it, and its inhabitants as well, but instead, chose to place this ability to the side, for its only contributions are those that would slow it down. You still hear this voice within yourself. For it never dies, it never drowns, simply, it cannot be heard. I ask you to remove your deafening headphones that blast only the rhythm of the ego and search for this pleading voice of serenity. Succumb to its curiosity, Follow, as your inhibitions subside. Lose control. Laugh. Sing. Dance with the night. Love the opportunity to love Reconcile with anger. Castaway with the winds of time as they carry you from one destination to the next. From one heart to another. All the while staying true to your self. Your true self.

Thank you Alicante.

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