I don’t remember how winter feels, but I know how it should;

Brisk against my skin, frigid in the wind.

The leaves on our front lawn, from red to raked;

Out there in the cold, as winter withers our yard.


Winter hoodie, drape over me.

I wonder if it’s cold enough to turn over the sea.

Winter hoodie, drape over me, please.


Hide my face, protect my skin.

Winter comes, as I wait for summer again.

A different season, I lose all sense of reason.

As winter withers my skin.


Some have bad days; outside my house, there are bad seasons.

I can remember how summer feels, but where has this feeling gone?

The urge to go outside and run and run;

I rush inside now to hide from the fun.


Winter hoodie draped over me.

Summer days, please return to me.

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