I recall a life;
It’s lost now.
Curiosity a lost art now.
The mind before time.

A ruler impedes,
A lover secedes.

How carelessly I press my thumbs into these keys,
How I force myself to sleep so I can be alive in my dreams.

I wake myself in Malibu
I end up trapped in the sea.

I close my eyes with thoughts of paradise,
One by one, a pair of dice.

never what it seems.

I find myself lost in the clouds,
And soon come crashing down to earth.

I fly with no restraints;
even the air upon my face hurts.

I swim and never tire,
Only to be dragged down by the unknown.

I can hear the voice of my home,
I lose the signal on my phone.

The chatter slows.
The safety net fades.
As I wake in a world that looks so familiar.

From the sun to the stars,
I wonder where I am.

I come to in Peru,
Even though I’ve never walked this land.

I revive in Dubai, a place I can’t imagine.
The strangers stare at me so, as if I never landed.

I dine like a Michelin Five,
I spill wine on my favorite tie.

I laugh until my breath needs to breathe,
Only to find the joke was jabbed at me.

Startled indeed, as each place is pristine.
But difficult it seems, when curiosity is queen.

Grateful still…

I turn onto my side.
And awaken, alive.
Alive with this mind.

I recall a life;
The mind before time.

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