no applause

The good life is all around,
A theatric performance of sorts.

The tricky part, is that there is no sound,
There are no words,
An endless cast.

The good life is in the clouds,
Soaring above our heads,
Drifting into the ocean.


The opening scene,
As the curtains fade and we wave goodbye to its green
obscene screen.

A murder.
Perhaps, romance sprouts.
If only we could hear the words,
that cease to escape their mouth’s.

A tragic laugh, this I’ve felt.
For what is love?

A cloud.
An endless cast.
An endless cast of broken parts,
A colorful story in black and white.


As an anomaly makes way.
How does one believe
what a thief has to say?
Robbed and clobbered.

The good life bears hope,
and with her children, she is patient.

End scene.

“Castaway please!”, the captain pleads.
Set sail.
For the winds of yesterday only ease us towards our destination.

A place that does not exist.

Sometimes I feel it though,
In the sand, between my toes.
But only after a fifth.
And then I dream.

Oh, how I dream.

End scene.
As I take my bow,
into an empty crowd.

End scene.
The good life is all around.

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