beers in the park

With my money,
With my time
With fragile hearts,
including mine,
With my response when inquiring about my weekend,
With the vodka I order, and in asking how long I’ve been drinkin’
be careful

my father knew,
sometimes he’d laugh too
cause we are reckless.

as he was,
when he found a couple dollars in his pocket and spent it
on those cheap beers to drink in the park,
or in the back of his 64’, that sometimes he’d forget to park.

be careful, he’d say
though, in a way that shined peace among the days

never, no
never, don’t
only, you’re old enough to know

as kids
this is all we hear when we’re annoyed
but this is all we need, to know we have a home

be careful, the old man would say, but not afraid
for there’s nothin’ to fear, except the fear of restraint.

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