spontaneous indeed

The words in which you are currently reading, though they are at the beginning of this piece, they are coincidentally unrelated to my initial thought. Interesting it is to follow the thought processes of the human mind.

In piecing this thought together, I am reminded of writing as a young high schooler. Never for pleasure, always for the grade. This is expected though, and would not come to a surprise for most. Teachers though, as they attempted to contain our wandering minds, consistently pressed the idea of “brainstorming”.

“Oh before you start, let’s draw a map ( or whatever the fuck ) and piece together this essay of yours.” Not so surprising now that this method was unsuccessful for myself. Helpful for some, useless for most.

The irony of this simple idea— to piece together your thoughts.

Reasonable, yes. And in fact, a genuine attempt to improve our thinking abilities, that for which I am quite grateful. Yet, I find myself, at this moment, in an entirely uneventful situation, with a desire to release. The beauty itself within the lack of preparedness for what is to follow.

The difference between what you are currently reading, and what occurs in all of our minds every single day – is minuscule. In fact, I would say the only difference is that I have now brought life to the seemingly intangible processor that thrives within us. Within this entanglement of self-continuity, a level of annoyance may arise. A frustration of self; to lack grasp of the truth. In this desire for clarity, we find pen and paper.

We bring light to our truths.

Thankful for this love of mine. 🙂

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