Common expressions:

There are other fish in the sea.

It wasn’t meant to be.

Time will heal thee.

But do these apply to me?

There are facts;

facts are not fiction.

facts are fixin

to be heard

please listen

they yearn.

Facts are truths,

they coincidence under one roof

do you need proof?

the young boy is down,

he hears those Common expressions, he frowns.

These mean nothing to me, they’re just sounds.


these sounds speak truth,

reconcile is what they do

now listen to the words that I share to you.

if you have loved, you are capable of loving

if you have broken, you are capable of fixing

if you’ve been angry, you’re capable of shoving

and if you’ve ever felt free, you’re capable of running.

for to have been loved, means you are lovable,

this is inescapable,

you are