Weird how we see ourselves,

Weird how we hear ourselves,

Weird how we fear ourselves, never sincere to ourselves .

Weird how we expect the inevitable,

Weird how we settle with the settleable.

Weird how we enjoy the intangibles,

Weird how we fight like animals.

We stand in the mirror and inspect,

like insects

Do we bring him death?

Or do we let him rest?

Do we let him be?

Or do we change for his needs?

Weird how we crave the unknown,

Weird how we deal with loving blows

Weird how scarcely time slows

Weird how we learn for years, then forget what we know .

Is this what it means to grow?

A boy at 22, a soul that I don’t own.

Weird how our skin feels sewn,

As if we were made to be alone.

Weird how we see what we want to see,

99 happy people, there’s only 1 of me.

A common scene.

Common for adults,

Common for teens.

Common for queens,

Common in scenes.

Staged it seems.

I’d watch it though, the whole thing.

People talking, that’s better than what emptiness sings.

Weird how I like to sing, even without the lyrics

Weird how we love to love, and we love even more to hear it.

Weird how we love to hate, do you ever wonder why this is?

Weird how I’m quickly reminded, we’re all just kids.

Children of the world, children of the wild.

We’re young so we run, and the wise ask us to stay awhile.

You really should some day.

They say what they say because they’ve seen night turn to day,

and red turn to grey.

Weird how we ignore their resumes.

Weird how we go on our own,

Weird how we float in our boats.

Weird how so many sink,

Weird how so many gloat.

Do you remember when we played in the streets?

Do you remember when a kiss was a treat?

Do you remember when we swung in the tree.

Do you remember how life used to be?

Weird how we grasp the past.

Weird how we flush the future.

Run inside now, it’s half past curfew

But i would never dessert you,

Come in and have dinner, both of you.

Kinder times.

Weird how we change our minds,

Weird how our mind changes us.

Weird how we confuse love for lust.

Weird how we burn our bridges.

Weird how we avoid the crust.

Some would say we die, I would say we rust.

Some ask if they should cry, I would say we must.

Some would claim they’ve seen it all,

I would say we’ve seen a little.

Sometimes a little is enough.

Some would call my bluff.

Some think they’re tough.

We change as we go,

We think as we flow,

we think we hear ourselves,

Really, we never know.