In the wind

The wind hits the skin

Yesterday blows past

Today life begins.

We don’t know where we’re goin’

And what a feeling it is.

Some would say we’re lost

I’d say we’re free.

In the wind, we go,

and the breeze is sure to renew.

As we awaken from our slumber,

and we finally come too.

In the wind, our hair flows

what a stunning sight.

The wind touches us all,

in the wind we are alike.

There’s a feeling to be found,

as winter turns to fall.

We break away from our trees,

just a couple of leaves.

Maybe we’ll meet,

at the shining sea.

In the wind, control subsides.

In the wind we find,

we live different lives.

Take me away,

I’m sure to go.

The wind never stops,

so I’ll never slow.