An incomplete thought,

the puzzle with no piece.

bending your brain,

contracting at the crease.

I think, I wonder

I pause, and I ponder.

Present in place,

but my mind tends to wander.

No longer,

shall we be restrained.

No longer,

can we be contained.

The time has come,

for it never left.

sober now

a week at best.

weekdays are weak days,

And weekends we seek zen.

We seek peace, we seek ecstacy

We are slaves to the trends.

We exuberate emotions,

We flood our brains like the ocean.

Drown in these drinks,

numb in this potion.

We as Young Adults,

We think we are poor.

But what we have now,

you cannot buy at the store.

We are free of that,

which is so scary.

the self-defining aspect of that which is monetary.

We are free of knowing,

for how could we know?

Constantly pushed and pushed!

We shall not resist,

though we are groomed and catered,

to subdue to the fist.

Push back we must, for

We are free of the Father,

Slow down he begs,

to his sons and daughters.

His hands click with no end,

some say he is divine.

but when we look for his grace,

he has clocked us offline.


We are free of truth,

though this is what we seek.

place your fist upon your chin,

and set upon the rocks like the Greeks.

You will see the remnants of Love

and that the end in Friend does not always hold true.

You will discover  the meaning,

or the lack thereof.

What difference does it make?

If you’re a lion or a dove?

You will feel something greater,

One that cannot be described or detailed.

But we try through our stories,

and our sweet tales.

You will look back with ease, and forward the same.

Because to live as you please,

Is what keeps us tame.

Let us never forget the path we’ve walked,

The words we’ve chalked,

The faces we’ve seen

And the faces we’ve gawked.

The smiles we’ve gleamed,

Forever, we could talk.

Forever ticks way,

Another hour, another day.

Forever you talk,

Soon, you must sail away.

Friends for a season,

Disappeared for a while.

Friends for a reason,

Disappear with no intent

Friends for life,

Here till the end.

Here for the extent.

We are nearing the end.

We spend our time fearing the end.

For to conceive what lies beyond the end,

Is no different than living the only life you comprehend.

No longer classes to attend,

But your lessons must extend.

Past the shade of your childhood roof,

Beyond the beaten road,

Find where the waves crash, woosh. 

Where the sand meets the sea,

is where your mind lives free.

Free of what drives and pleas.

Here you will see, what life can truly be.

The plans for tomorrow, lost in the moment of today.

If I asked you to come with me, what would you say?


Say yes.