Dear Mind,

Incredible Mind.

You feel love,

You feel time.

At times

you love,

You will love

in time.

Dear Mind,

Incredible Mind,

You know pain,

You know release,

You know that without

one another,


will be at peace.

Dear Mind,

A Mind so shy.

You have a voice,

You have a choice,

I act

and you cry.

Dear Mind,

Beautiful Mind.

How you sing

And You dance,

As the waves

of light pass.

To be

in the moment,

Is to accept

our past.

Dear Mind,

Old friend of Mine.

For how long have you been kind?

Not as long as I’ve been alive.

Dear Mind,

Do not think you are divine.

For what exists within you,

Was fed

through my eyes.

Dear Mind,

My vanity shrine.

You know not

what is right,

So I leave you


Dear Mind,

Oh, beautiful Mind.

I’m afraid this is goodbye.

For I love who I am,

And you are not I.