The longer I live, the further I stray.

The longer I live, the more that I pray.

Easy to say, impossible to tame.

She insists that she should stay,

Just one more day.

Time is of the essence,

so I spend more in your presence.

The eternal present.

I find it, and then I can’t contain it.

I can’t say it, so I move away from it.

What is one to make of it?

I don’t know. But I want a whole plate of it.

Euphoric it seems, as our hearts rip at the seams.

Either love makes or hearts break, nothing in between.

From our reality to a movie scene.

What would you do for love?

Would you drop everything and run?

From tree to tree I would swing.

Just to hear our melody.

Fall I may, into the mud and the rain.

But what is pain, only for a day?

One must suffer with purpose.

As our minds begin to decay.

A loss of hope is a loss of life.

So plead I must, for one more night.

You may decline, but you can not forbid.

For a life spent alone, is not a life that’s been lived.

Carry on though, through the sea of time.

Time is sure to expire.

And that’s fine.

Time is sure to expire.

Take mine.