Self hatred is a sad esteem, a common theme.
Built out of shame and regret, amongst other things.
Self hatred though, contrary to popular belief, is not what we see.
It’s not an inability to zip your jeans, or the red dot on your nose.
It’s all the moments in which you had an opinion of yourself, and you told yourself no.
Self hatred is when you let go of your childhood dreams,
Simply in fear of what the fear might bring.
Self hatred is ditching your original thoughts just to blend in, and
we lose sight of what we see.
Authenticity creates simplicity; oh how simple it is to be me.
Self hatred is thinking we are not apart of nature, when truly we are the same.
Self hatred is hating others when you don’t know who else to blame.
Self hatred is a powerful phrase, one that runs deep,
and hating yourself is just another self defeat.
It’s not the crooked smile that hangs with your teeth, and it’s not the reason why you have yet to love someone on the same beat.
Self hatred is feeling your feelings with disdain.
Digging them into the dirt and ripping them out of your veins.
Self hatred is forcing someone from your heart to protect your fragile frame.
Self hatred is running far when you’ve got a million reasons to stay.
Self hatred is when we cling to another because we’re terrified of being alone.
One day you’ll see he’s the reason you relate to this, and why you haven’t grown.
Self hatred is a peculiar thing,
Like when we hear a song we hate and can’t help but sing.
Self hatred, if we sing loud enough, and learn every single word,
Is really just the intro, leading us into a beautiful verse.
Self hatred is not what we see, but how we see.
Self hatred is a misinterpretation of what it means to be you, and what makes me, me.
Self hatred is your guide, here to force you from your wallow.
Self hatred, man, what a hard thing to swallow.