The waves of time

A relentless current

A never-ending stream.

I used to think it was mean

As green turned to grey,

And the ends of my jeans frayed.

You see yourself,

You’ve seen yourself.

The waves roll upon the sand,

You see the shelf.

You see the shells,

Some cracked,

stories to tell.

Some shine,

pleasant times.

But as you walk upon the crescent beach,

Only the cracked shells annoy your feet.

We walk with determination,

A journey ahead.

All these cracked shells,

They occupy our heads.

One mile closer.

What was just in my path?

Cracked shells.

And I’ve got cuts to prove their wrath.

Remember though,

That one spark of light?

Remember the shine of the ocean,

The reflection of her light.

What an incredible shell,

How soft in its touch.

Between your fingers you rubbed,

Even pressed it against your cheek.

Feet bleeding, heart complete.

In your pocket it goes,

As you continue on.

So close to where you need to be.

Seven feet from the ocean,

Seven miles to complete.


One more shell between your toes.

Another drop of blood,

Ah well, this is just how it goes.

One mile closer.

The sun today.


How bright you shine.

I love the sun.

I’ve got sun shades, though

To protect my eyes.

Oh and a hat too,

It’s my favorite color blue.

Vision is tinted,

Eyes are shaded.

“Goodbye,” said the sun,

“I tried.”

One mile closer.

The waves crash,

What a sound.

Headphones in.

One mile closer.

Straight ahead I go,

I pause now and again.

I pause to eat.

I need to go.

One mile closer.

I hear panting,

The jingle of a collar,

An inspired scholar.

He runs past,

He runs back to me.

I see the stick,

I throw it near the sea.


Another shell.

I keep walking.

One mile closer.

The day turns to night,

The day was short.

Kind of hungry,

Blood on my shorts.


Fast paced.

One mile closer.

I’m getting close.

On my path, she flowed.

She’s got on little clothes,

She knows I know.

Away we go.

Come, have a seat upon the sand.

Sit with me, along the ocean breeze.

Have you seen the shells?

Look what fell upon me.

I stay for a minute…

What an incredible shell.

How soft in it’s touch.

But! Ahead I look.

As the waves of time,

Crashed into our nook.

“Goodbye,” I said.

One mile closer.

I can see the shadow.

paved roads,

golden snow.

wounds have healed.

No more shells.

At least I’ve got one,

As I reach into my pants.

A note instead.

“What a beautiful shell”

She said.

As I raised my head.

And I checked my feet,

For all the shells were perfect.

Time had cracked me.