Have you ever been to a place where the days run longer? Where the people consistently break your impressions? Where fear drives love? And love sees all? I must say that this city is infatuated, however, not in a negative connotation, which is usually the perceived notion of the word. I believe when freedom becomes true, as does the soul. For to place even an ounce of thought upon that which restricts you, is to not be free within oneself. Thus the release of these inhibitions is what the individual requires. You can see and feel this premise within the streets of this city. The inhabitants are not overly kind, but instead, they are kind to themselves, foremost. This allows for the opportunity to look elsewhere, and share this deity. The nights that were spent here, some that I can hardly remember, but I am sure to never forget. For we are not citizens of one place; we are citizens of the world.