Contained within the natural tendencies of the human race is the consistency to develop an idea of the future. Whether this is a place, a person, or an experience, naturally, we conjure up an idea of this endeavor, but rarely is it accurate. The feel, the people, the food — every aspect of this city was precisely how I imagined. Stepping into the brisk air of this mountain town and, at every time of the day or night, listening to the city awaken, this was a true community, a place to call home. Cafes glisten with conversing individuals, and the streets flow with youth and with wisdom. In the midst of this life, the snow-peaked mountains peer from above as if they stand guard of their friends and the acquainted. For the first time in my conscious life, stillness. To bask in the beauty of my surroundings, eyes softly held shut with no internal movement; eternal silence. True peace. The undeniable connectedness of man to nature. The further one moves from this relationship, the further one moves from themselves.